No pain, no gain

‘Sport is not just the game I play. Sport is who I am, what I am, why I am. It’s every second on the clock, every moment I live – gameday or any day.’ – ADIDAS

I have been thinking a lot about my goals lately. I have taken up sports once and for all, which gave me a lot of motivation. Still I’m struggling with back pain. Some days it gets better, the others I’m just trying to find the cure for it. Sport is a remedy for sure, but as I have a sedentary work, I keep relapsing from time to time.

I always thought sport is an important part of my life but I have always approached this matter from the mental aspect and never the physical one – of course losing weight is always important but that inner peace and harmony I find during running cannot be replaced or taken for granted.

So after all I find sport to be finally part of my daily routine for health reasons as well. I hit the gym at least four times a week but my absolute favorite is swimming for sure.

It is slowly becoming natural, that after work I don’t have that typical lay back attitude but pull myself together and go for more.

After having written these words I went to the gym and pushed myself to my limits. It felt great and finally I had time to realize what I’ve been longing for.

No matter whether it is a cardio workout or not, indoors or outdoors – in the end it’s all the same. I just need sports.

Today morning I was more than pleased to experience that my back has started to slowly improve. I wouldn’t say it’s back to normal and I wouldn’t ever dare to think that it will be normal from this moment on – I’m just trying to find the balance between my health and my goals.

What you really want

October 23, 2019