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Not being so obsessed

My biggest question to myself is how I can do sports on a daily basis if all my days are completely and totally different.

That’s the question I still don’t have the answer for. In August I voted for household chores for 3 weeks but we all know it must be temporary. After a while I have enough of daily cooking and when I opt for playing games, my personality changes as well. I’m no longer motivated by daily workouts but rather a nice slice of pizza with a few shots of beer to go… It’s also me and I can’t deny it. Sometimes I don’t play for months and then out of sudden all I care about is my character’s development. The other day I find books the most precious way to spend my evening with, so I just want to cuddle up with a mug of hot tea and let myself become part of the plot itself and forget my daily problems. As a result of this, I simply can’t picture myself sweating in the gym, doing one more push-ups or running that very last km with passion and devotion. To hit the gym I need that fire in myself, that burning desire to defeat myself and become better than I was yesterday – but with certain hobbies this is just too big change to accomplish.

So in August I hoped for a long-lasting obsession with household chores but eventually it came to an end as I went on holiday and couldn’t carry on my daily tasks any longer.

At first it’s always strange to have a day off training as all I want is my daily workout. My ‘new hobby’ to keep myself focused and together can be so intense that I literally feel all the withdrawal symptoms instead of a well-deserved day off. The following day is like a completely new chapter: my motivation is gone, I don’t feel the desire to go to the gym any longer. All I feel is the time it takes away from my daily tasks to have my workout instead of my other hobbies.

It’s like swimming underwater. It’s a miracle itself, seeing the world from a fascinating yet totally different perspective where the world is still and peaceful – just like a quiet place in our subconscious mind where we do see clearly all the answers for our daily struggles, even if we cannot stay much longer to sort them out as we do eventually run out of breath, run out of time, return to the surface – back to our so-called daily life, thinking about the answer we never find…

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