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There are certain points in life when you set your goals and you have to choose between your dreams. I wouldn’t consider this failing yourself but it’s just a matter of perspective.

I wasn’t focused last year, I couldn’t take that extra mile to become my better self, but I didn’t lose my motivation – which is the ultimate victory for me. I had a hectic year with lot of work and quite intensive studying (Russian). After pushing myself to my limits I always found peace in eating – it was my relief.

After some time, my goals seemed further and further away but I never lost sight of them.

This year is about fighting for myself, with myself.

It’s quite interesting how my body is accustomed to this new bigger size – it’s energy intake and how hard it is to make myself eat salad instead of a juicy burger for dinner.

Everything is about choices I know.

I’m not ashamed of this backset, although I have to admit I’m fed up with starting over again and giving it another try.

It teaches me humility. Not only endurance, stamina, persistence but that attitude to know and never forget that everything is temporary: health, muscles, beauty – they all come and go. You shall feel blessed if you can have all of these in your life as you shouldn’t take such things for granted. Tomorrow is a new day and I promise I’ll be loyal to my dreams. #2020

First day

February 1, 2020